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a.k.a DEEP

I was born in India and immigrated to the States in 1980 along with my parents and older sister.  The turban should be a dead giveaway that I am a follower of the Sikh faith, which instills principles of honest work, sharing with others and service to the community one lives and works in.  I consider myself first and foremost an American and wholeheartedly believe the American dream is achievable with determination and perseverance.  


My introduction into owning a business started at the young age of 12, just 8 years after arriving in New Jersey from India.  In order to be closer to family, and be considered for in-state tuition, my parents moved to North Carolina and purchased a gas station / convenience store from where I got picked up and dropped off by the school bus each day, continuing a strong work ethic which had already been ingrained at home.  As the only boy in the family I learned how to do everything from lawn maintenance to oil changes, from mopping the floor to running the cash register, from stocking the shelves to painting our rental properties. 


A few years into entering college, at NCSU to study Engineering and Business, my parents purchased a beer and keg store, College Beverage, across the street from campus, while still managing the gas station 25 miles away.  My sister, who had already graduated from UNC-CH, and I, ran College Beverage which was open 80+ hours per week, while I finished my required credits. 


Upon my graduation, after a short stint at a desk job at IBM, I found I was more well suited to work outside of a cubicle.  I moved to NYC and Eventually parlayed all of my experience into incorporating Deep Contracting in March of 2001.  By now home renovation seemed second nature to me, as I was getting paid to do many of the things I had been doing at my parents’ and their properties.  My first jobs came from cold calling architects and designers and from advertising my new business on yard signs where satisfied customers were happy to oblige.  Over the years, as with most successful businesses, solid referrals are the payoff that comes from working intelligently and ethically with clientele. 


Since contractors often have a bad reputation, I’ve been committed to having Deep Contracting operate honestly and transparently.  I am always willing to lose a job as a consequence of giving a homeowner a full picture of what is involved in their project.  I encourage my clients to spend their hard earned money wisely.  After all, why start a project only to have your clients realize they cannot afford to finish it?  If we are not the right company for your needs, we will say so up front, encouraging you to find a better match.  Bottom line: We won’t make promises we can’t keep just to get your business. 


Of course renovations are not an exact science and I take the time needed to educate you about what to expect.  Depending on the size of the job, there are often surprises lurking behind the walls or under the floorboards.  The key is to meet unexpected challenges with solutions only learned through years of experience.  At Deep Contracting we are truly delighted in collaborating with you on your home project, big or small.  We serve as a guide for design and honestly assess what we can execute within your dreams and budget.  We continue to marvel ourselves at the “before and after” images and we take immense pride in having been integral to your finished product.

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I was born and raised in Argentina to parents who had emigrated there from India.  As a child I spent a lot of time at my parents grocery store and I remember doing my homework in the back as they put in long hours.  I learned English, in addition to Spanish and Punjabi, and tutored children while in Argentina.  At 22, I moved to England where I lived for seven years, working as an administrator for a property management company, while continuously honing my trilingual skills as an interpreter.


Having met Deep and considering the direction our relationship was headed, I moved to New York in 2012.  We got married, and I began a career in banking, through seeing and feeling my husbands enthusiasm for his work, I too, naturally became more interested in design and renovation.  I’ve become acutely aware of how a successfully executed renovation project positively affects clients’ lives.  Good vibes all around!


Since Deep and I have slowly begun renovating our own home I have become even more empathetic towards the challenges faced by our clients.  As a team member at Deep Contracting, I’m excited and honored to serve as a sounding board for you and as a consistent and reliable second point of contact throughout the duration of your project.



PREETAM, Hargun & Mahaan

Don’t let her confidence fool you - Preetam is not the boss.  However, she has an important job at Deep Contracting - to keep us grounded and remind us why we do what we do.  She continues to develop her natural leadership and managerial skills persuading her little sister and brother.  

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